Saturday Socials: Large Breeds

Next Class: Taking Place Every Saturday - Dates coming soon!

Embrace the joy of Saturday Socials at the Dog Shed with Top Barkz, tailored for our larger-than-life canine companions weighing over 20kg. Experience the thrill as your big pups engage in carefully supervised play sessions, surrounded by peers of substantial size, all overseen by certified dog trainers.

Our professional team ensures a secure environment for dogs with a heftier stature to socialize and revel in the company of fellow large breeds. While your majestic companions enjoy their playtime, connect with other large breed dog parents and tap into the expertise of our trainers, available to address your questions about canine behavior and training for bigger dogs.

Top Barkz, renowned authorities in the realm of large breed dog play, guarantee an exhilarating experience for both pets and owners during Saturday Socials. Join our expanding community of large breed dog enthusiasts and build lasting connections while strengthening the bond with your magnificent companions.

Sessions 1hr long, €15 per dog